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An Insurance Update

Advancement in technology minimizes your risk and lowers your cost of business insurance.  Your insurance is part of a new wave of technology that is taking the country by storm.  The insurance industry calls this the “Internet of Things”

The ways in which technology helps your business can be defined by one word, “Connectivity.”  We are all connected in so many ways now, and this can help reduce your risk.  “For example, the sensors in smartphones and smartwatch devices are already helping healthcare providers to diagnose illnesses and monitor wellbeing.  Black box telematics in cars can assist insurers in informing policyholders how safe their driving is and helping shape their insurance rates.”  (, by Editor.

Ways in Which loT Helps You

  • Smart devices are connecting your homes in dozens of ways, including home security, heating, lights, and appliances.  These allow you to manage your home from anywhere, and detect a fire or other hazard.
  • Automated claims systems are able to help your business analyze employee injuries, which leads to the development of advanced safety programs.
  • Using smart vehicles allows employers to monitor commercial drivers, which can lead to safer drivers.
  • Parents are able to use smart devices in personal autos to monitor teen drivers. Some auto insurance companies are offering these devices as an incentive to lower premiums based on actual driving indicators.

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